What can I get for a $1.07?

Most of you know that I haven't been working full time since I have been back from Denver. I do have a job as a server at a super cute restaurant opening up soon, but the opening keeps getting pushed back... Which means I am broke. I have been surviving on the most random jobs you could possibly imagine! Cleaning, boat detailing, babysitting, dog walking, house sitting, etc. All of which have been an incredible blessing!!

With that being said, I would like to invite you to laugh along with me as I find amusement in this stage of my life.

It all started when I had to make decisions like coffee, new music or gas money. 

Pathetic. I. Know. 

I would openly admit that coffee and music are 2 addictions in my life. My coffee intake has been reduced to a 1/3 of what it was and I haven't purchased music in a long time. Wah. Someone smack me upside the head!

I thought that would be the worst of it and then...

I needed to see what a $1.07 would get me!

I was driving home from church and was starving. I knew I didn't have any groceries at home, so I evaluated how much money I could spend. $1.07 it was. What kind of meal can you buy with $1.07? Dollar menu from McDonald's it was.

If you know me well enough, you have heard me hate on fast food. I could get into the genderless details of the meat served, but that's not what this post is about. I just need to paint the picture for you of the severity of the situation. The thought of fast food alone makes me sick. In that moment I knew I had traded my pride and health of my arteries for a McDonald's McChicken sandwich. 

There you have it! I am selfish and glad the Lord is stripping me of these selfish desires and my pride. When you go through times like this you really learn quickly what your needs really are! :)


Life in the Ghetto // The Conversational GEM!

Living in the ghetto has had it's downsides but there are many things I'm going to miss! The little things that give me a laugh and a conversational gem! It's hard to think about going back to normal life! I would like to highlight just a few of the daily occurrences I will miss and not miss!

1) Kids in the hood don't swim..they splash. Going to the pool became the farthest thing from relaxing! I do not think of steel drums and Bob Marley when I am by any body or pool of water here!

2) Tally of tattooed tear drops at the gym and probation anklets at the pool! QUALITY! I have lost count!

3) The hallways permanent scent of KFC!

4) Finding random people's socks in my laundry.

5) Naked lady in the laundry room because she put all her clothes in the washer.

6) Almost getting ran over on the side walk by a hover round operated by someone that wasn't paralyzed just thought of it as better way of transportation than walking.

7) Baby daddy drama

8) LiL Wayne ring tones

9) Living in a room the size of a sandbox with 2 other people.

10) etc, etc, etc :)

Things I won't miss

1) Slippers

2) Drug deals everywhere I go

3) Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

4) Smoke coming into my room from my neighbors.

5) Mice

6) The carb loaded food here


Normally I would start out this blog post with a few excuses as to why I haven't blogged in a while. However, there are no excuses to make! I always have time, I just have to make sure I set it aside!

June was a crazy month for me! Take the good, the bad and the unexpected and stick it in a blender and there you have it! From sickness in family, Jake detoxing, internship, house sitting, car getting broken into, car repairs, one of my good friends here moving back to Connecticut, trying to maintain adventurous Colorado woman status, visiting grandparents in the Springs, and all the inbetweens I might be the smallest bit worn out! But through it all the Lord is at work and faithfully guides me by my right hand through each day! For that I am beyond thankful and refreshed!

So that's where I want to pick up today...God's faithfulness!!

I know we each find ourselves in situations where we are "waiting" for God to answer our prayers. However, did you realize that He always answers our prayers according to His will and the good in our lives!?

Many of you have been in continual prayer for my brother, Jake, for many years now! It has been a long road of ups and downs for our family! Part of my moving up here was in hopes that he would later join me to check into one of Denver Rescue Mission's programs! I'm excited to say that...HE'S HERE!! I could write pages upon pages of the details that the Lord orchestrated, but I'll save that for later!

Yesterday Jake promoted into Phase 1!! He now has 2 hours of free time a day off site and will be starting Education classes where he will work towards his GED and choosing a career path!

I'm really looking forward to driving down to the Farm today to take him out!

  In their hearts humans plan their course,
   but the LORD establishes their steps.
             // Proverbs 16:9


All things new//

Colorado is a little late in receiving the Spring memo...better late than not at all, I suppose! Within the last two weeks we have gone from sticks to leaves, mud to flowers and tumbleweeds to grass! You never realize how much you appreciate growth and color until you spend of few months in the winter! So spring, or should I say...summer is upon us, and I am so excited to be able to spend more time outside enjoying the CO wilderness life! Maybe get a chaco tan?? HECK NO ;)

As I think about this new and refreshing season upon us, I can't help but rejoice in the fact that I have been able to sit back and watch the Lord making each one of these women new each day! It has been one of the sweetest things to be a part of! Through conversations, laughing, studying, cleaning, hurting, cooking and taking care of their children, He is rebuilding and restoring brokenness. It has been such a privilege to be around these women! The house is really becoming a community! Some of the times I have enjoyed the most is just hanging out by the coffee pot while listening to their stories or helping them cook dinner!

This whole season of my life can really be described the same as these women! He is making me new. As a Christian it is easy to get stuck in a rut, a routine that leads to nothing but a calloused heart and stale walk. There is no longer fruit that is being produced but instead bitterness and a hard heart.
You just get comfortable and you lose your child like faith! I needed to come here. I needed to be refreshed and be reminded of the authority and sovereignty of the Lord in my life and be put in my place to stop over thinking and analyzing! I don't want a season change to have to bring me out of a rut again!! I am so thankful that He is making me new each day, and I pray the same for you! Let's remember where we were and who we were when we first knew Him, and praise Him for the work He has done and His continued faithfulness!


It's a beautiful day in the neighborHOOD!!

So sometimes you just need to make some humor of your situation to put in in perspective! I need it today!

Just thought I would walk you thru a normal day and night in my life at the shelta!

Normally fall asleep to the sweet lull of my roommate snoring her heart out!

I then wake up at about 3AM sweating to death from the heater.

Take a quick nap and then hear my roommates alarm goes off at 4am. SWEET!

My 6AM alarm comes pretty early after nights like that!

Head down to the cafeteria for some black water.

On my way I step on a cu tip full of earwax chillin in the hall and almost throw up!

Head to my car and make sure it didn't get keyed!

Off to work// My favorite part! Love working at the Champa House!!

Go to the Hiawatha rec center where I work out with people who train to kill!!

Dinner at the cafeteria...Turkey a la king is always something to look forward to ;) ehh!

There is no room at all for selfishness in these season of my life! My stubbornness is making its way out the door! Thankful for that!!


To Whom It May Concern:

All my life I have had the disease of always trying to walk through life with my chin up and my hurts swept beneath the rug! I always try and hold it together in the midst of a chaotic or heart-breaking situation. I seem to always be in the midst of situations that require me to feel like I need to hold them together. Being transparent with my hurts has always translated into being incapable and weak to me.

For example, a little while back I got a phone call from a guy that meant a lot to me and it nearly broke my heart. I haven't admitted it until now, but it hurt a substantial amount. I cried my heart out for a little bit and then felt weak, so I swept it under the rug. I used the whole "I'm fine, just trusting the Lord" excuse when people acted surprised when I said I was fine. Unfortunately when I do this it does me no good and ends up causing more harm! The hurts then begin to turn into baggage that I carry around with me. All this keeping me from experiencing the fullness of God!

So today's a new day! This is slightly embarrassing to have you all read, and my heart feels pretty exposed but who cares. Transparency with others leads to complete surrender and healing from the Savior!

I can thankfully say that there has been healing and forgiveness when it comes to that situation in my life! So whatever you have swept under the rug because it hurt too much to deal with or you thought you could heal on your own, EXPOSE IT! Be transparent amongst the community of people that pray for you, encourage you, hold you accountable, will speak wisdom into your life and always point you to scripture!

We're one step closer to experiencing Christ's freedom through walking in obedience! Feels good, don't it :)


Easter Weekend in the 303!

I write to you as I sit in the computer lab trying to drowned out the chaos around me with some new Augustana! Seems to be working quite well! I am excited to share with you my weekend! Forgive me if this post is more than a sittings worth of reading for you. If you have the time, grab a cup of coffee and let's pretend I'm sitting across from you sharing the exciting things the Lord has allowed me to be a part of!

Good Friday

The day started out like any other...with me being bullied on my way to the Downtown Mission! Yep, the real deal! Had some people accuse me of cutting them off when they ran a stop sign! They raced up beside me and started saying horrible things while throwing bottles and trash at my car. I would like to mention that I had a rental car at this time which made it even worse. Thankful for no dents! Each day I am developing a stronger back bone for the ghetto!

On to the good stuff!

I had the opportunity to be a part of the Easter Banquet that the Denver Rescue Mission puts on each year at the Downtown Mission! As I pulled up there were hundreds of men, women and children waiting in line. Nike and Adidas had donated 650 pairs of shoes to give away, we had drs examining their feet, foot washing and a meal for those in line. It was an incredible, humbling and powerful outreach event to be a part of. The state each one of the homeless came in reminded me of how I meet the Lord each day. In desperate need, weary, hungry and helpless. Each day he meets me and is faithful to restore and renew my weary soul with joy unspeakable, strength, and purpose to worship Him! 

That night I got to go to my first Tenebrae Service! 5 different churches joined together for this service! The word "tenebrae" comes from the Latin meaning "darkness." In this service on Good Friday, all of the lights and candles on the altar are gradually extinguished after scripture reading until the room is in complete darkness. This symbolized the death of Jesus.


Got this crazy idea to wake up at 4:30am and road trip to Red Rocks with my friend, Matt, for their Sunrise Easter Service! I have never worn so many clothes on Easter! It was 35 degrees and rainy but was worth it! There's just something about being out in the mountains with some blue grass worship going on! It will definitely be an Easter morning that won't go forgotten!

This is the first Easter/ holiday that I have been away from family and friends. My good friend was out of town, so I was alone for most the day. I had lunch and dinner alone. Normally this would tear me apart. For the first time I realized that no matter where I was or who I was with I had something to celebrate and that my celebration should be the same! Those were the best two meals I have ever had alone. I felt satisfied in the Lord and content with right where he had me eating my shelter food!

God is so good, gracious and faithful. I am so thankful to be here! I am learning so much each day and being broken of myself. Each day it sinks in more and more that..

Psalm 73:26
    My flesh and my heart may fail,
   but God is the strength of my heart
   and my portion forever.

Let's be a people that approach the Lord hungry and needy! For He is the strength of our heart and our portion forever!

Miss each one of you terribly!!


The rhythm in which my heart breathes and beats is
To this adoption weaved behind and before in my lungs
Chosen and called
We walk towards you
On this journey of unknown and unfamiliar

Almighty, just and sovereign one
Your presence in thick and all consuming
Take my hand and stay awhile
Meet me here as the storm rolls in

Awaken my soul to sing a new song
May all that is within me cry out to know you more

Expose the dark areas of my heart
So that there is nothing keeping me from you, my only


Exciting things are happening here in Denver, CO!

One of the girls, Deachenae, who I have been tutoring for her GED came in yesterday in almost tears. There is a lot going on in her life but all of it for her good!! The Lord is really working in her life!! I had the opportunity to encourage her and pray for her!! I am so thankful that she has opened up to me and that the Lord has given me the opportunity to share with her how special she is to Him!

2 new woman will be moving into the Champa House Program next week! We are excited for them to begin this journey to meet Jesus and understand their worth and purpose in Him!

I start leading devotions for the women on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on! I am so excited about this!! Please pray that the Lord would press upon my heart what will minister to them!!

I will be serving at our Denver Rescue Mission Event at the Lawrence Street Shelter on April 22!! This is a special event for the homeless! We will be serving them by foot washing and giving them a brand new pair of shoes!! I am so excited to be a part of this!!

Please continue to pray for these women and that Staff that serves them! May we each be renewed in passion to serve and point them to the Lord each day!

Miss you all!


So sorry for the lack of updates!

Week 4 here at the DRM, and I am loving it more each week!

One of my favorite things has been tutoring math for the GED...Who would of thought?! One of the girls I have been tutoring for a couple weeks just received her GED last week! I am so excited and proud of her! We are hoping she will move into the Champa House by the end of this month!

I have absolutely fallen in love with the kiddos here! Last week was their spring break, so we had the mother load of kids in childcare for the week! 12 kids ages 0-7! Lots of screaming, crying and chaos but overall a lot of fun!

Monday night I started leading Bible Study for the kids while their moms go to Bible Study! This was the first week of adding some structured time while we watch them. Not to mention the first time I have ever taught a Bible lesson to kiddos who are under the middle and high school ages. I always seem to be the experimental Ginni pig in transitions! Giddy up! How did it go you ask? Well, let's just say I never thought a lesson about creation could be anymore chaotic!! "This is stupid!...Creation is stupid!" So we broke out the play dough REAL fast and walked through each day of creation forming what was created with play dough. LIFESAVER! Monday nights can only get better from here I suppose!

I have officially declared my room at the crossing a cave. There is simply not much light, room for food or space for that matter, making it an official cave!

This past weekend was so much fun! I am meeting really cool people and able to get out and put some adventure and laughing back into my life!! You have no idea how exciting it is to have things to do on the calendar...I'm a freak, I know!

So thankful that the Lord has made this a smooth and fast transition! Such a good reminder on how He provides, prepares, equips and strengthens us when we follow and trust Him! The second I begin to worry or take control is when things fall apart!

Right now in my life I am being so challenged by the fact that the Lord is woven into my being..behind and before!  I am so humbled and broken by this. Me? Why? I'm just a beggar at the foot of the cross. I am so unworthy of this grace, yet I take it for granted all the time... Everyday I am praying to be made so weak in my flesh so that I may live a reckless abandonment and complete reliance upon the Lord.

There's just a quick update! Will try to be better about this!! :)

May He be your all, strength and your eyes today!