What can I get for a $1.07?

Most of you know that I haven't been working full time since I have been back from Denver. I do have a job as a server at a super cute restaurant opening up soon, but the opening keeps getting pushed back... Which means I am broke. I have been surviving on the most random jobs you could possibly imagine! Cleaning, boat detailing, babysitting, dog walking, house sitting, etc. All of which have been an incredible blessing!!

With that being said, I would like to invite you to laugh along with me as I find amusement in this stage of my life.

It all started when I had to make decisions like coffee, new music or gas money. 

Pathetic. I. Know. 

I would openly admit that coffee and music are 2 addictions in my life. My coffee intake has been reduced to a 1/3 of what it was and I haven't purchased music in a long time. Wah. Someone smack me upside the head!

I thought that would be the worst of it and then...

I needed to see what a $1.07 would get me!

I was driving home from church and was starving. I knew I didn't have any groceries at home, so I evaluated how much money I could spend. $1.07 it was. What kind of meal can you buy with $1.07? Dollar menu from McDonald's it was.

If you know me well enough, you have heard me hate on fast food. I could get into the genderless details of the meat served, but that's not what this post is about. I just need to paint the picture for you of the severity of the situation. The thought of fast food alone makes me sick. In that moment I knew I had traded my pride and health of my arteries for a McDonald's McChicken sandwich. 

There you have it! I am selfish and glad the Lord is stripping me of these selfish desires and my pride. When you go through times like this you really learn quickly what your needs really are! :)


FoodFaithFitness said...

Hi Meg! Long time no see! I hope to visit you at your new job soon. I heard the food is delish!!

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